ARCATRON – A debut on wheels!

ARCATRON – A debut on wheels!

History of Arcaton Mobility

Four years ago in 2011, four passionate engineers of NITC teamed up to enter an event called “Design for Disabled” at Aavishkar ‘11 and stood first with their design of a mobility device. From thereon, it was but a matter of time, before we took this initiative forward, to make technology the best caregiver in the form of Arcatron Mobility Private Limited. The name “Arcatron” alludes to ‘accelerating wheels’ and is a not-so-subtle nod to the Ark of Moses which possessed unlimited power.

Winners of Avishkar 2011

At Arcatron, we firmly believe that the present patient handling systems in Indian hospitals are outdated and need a recast in order to maximise effectiveness and efficiency of care and we want to bring this change with our innovative range of products. Our product portfolio shall cater to the needs of individuals with loco motor disability, spinal cord injury, orthopedics, and elderly people with limited mobility and hospitals.

We, at Arcatron, wish to tackle the problems of the dependency involved in accessing of washrooms by the disabled, inefficient patient handling in hospitals, difficulty in exercising lower limbs and lack of affordable power-wheelchairs among the masses. We aim to develop products that are required but not currently present in the market, or which are available but inaccessible to the masses due to high cost. We believe in reducing cost by simplifying design instead of cheap raw materials and processes.

Our base product is in field testing with paraplegic users from an NGO called NEST, Kerala and we have filed two patents till March ’15. At present, we are in the process of obtaining feedback and are gearing up for the launch of our base product in Mid-July ‘15. We plan to strengthen and diversify our product range in the future using IPR based devices.

Keep watching this space for more!

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