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Go Solo with Frido(Go) – The Best in Class Shower-Wheelchair

Why try to fit in when you’re born to stand out? Ignite your passion and jumpstart to a happier healthier reincarnation with Frido to break free. As rightly put by Martina Navratilova- Disability is a matter of perception. Disabilities don’t define is our abilities that count”. Re-envision and decline your disablement because Frido Go lets you advocate your own life. Be another Stephan Hawking or a Patrik Anderson and embrace your existence. Paralympics, Snowboarding, Marine Corps or a Traveller, you can outclass it all. Arcatron commits to making assisted-living safer by introducing cutting-edge products so as to reclaim [...]

Commode Wheelchair – Lean on Frido(2000) | Arcatron Mobility

Commode wheelchair will now strengthen the spirit of your dearests with the Frido-2000 because we understand heeding and preserving relationships without obligation is special and dignified. Revise your restraints and shoo away all the bed-ridden mishaps as Frido is the new remedy to caregiving. This nimble, attendant-propelled shower-commode guarantees to upgrade your upkeeping as it undoes all the extra efforts for the menders. Arcatron has actualized for you the all-embracing amenity: Frido-2000 model. Bid farewell to all discomfort associated with maneuvering. This gravitating design not only serves safety, stability, and hygiene but also bestows [...]

How are People on Wheelchairs Supposed to Shower?

For most wheelchair users, enjoying a relaxing and refreshing bath tends to become a tedious and challenging activity more often than not. Apart from the loss of privacy, the risk involved in transfers is quite serious. It seems more of a task instead of a soothing activity. What can be done to minimize their risk? How can a shower and commode wheelchair help solve the problem? For people who use wheelchairs, using the bathroom without any hassle has long been a challenging task. It can lead to situations that hamper their self-esteem and leads to accidents and injuries because [...]

Wheelchair casters: Choose the right pair for shower and commode wheelchair

Casters are not just two small wheels in the front but extremely important in allowing the rotation of the wheelchair in all directions. The smooth functioning of the casters is a result of many small parts like thread guards, bearings, locks etc. How to select the right ones? Let’s find out. Wheelchair casters play a vital role in the functionality and life of a wheelchair. While selecting a wheelchair, one should look for durability and comfort along with the right pair of casters. When the casters aren’t checked for their quality, the wheelchairs end up with the tag of [...]

3 Things To Consider While Buying A Shower Wheelchair

Want to take a shower safely while having limited mobility? A shower wheelchair is what you require to take a shower independently and with safety. But there are 3 important questions that you must ask before buying a shower wheelchair. What are they? Let’s go through some key attributes that make a great shower wheelchair. People with disability need to face the challenges of immobility also with losing dependence to do things their way. That’s why a disabled person misses their freedom the most. But do you know what a disabled person fears the most? No, it’s neither the [...]

Arcatron Mobility raises funds from Indian Angel Network

MUMBAI, JULY 12: Arcatron Mobility, which manufactures next-generation devices to make assisted living more dignified and safe, has raised undisclosed funding led by Sudhir Mehta, Harish Mehta and Ketan Dalal from the Indian Angel Network. Founded in 2015 by four NIT Calicut alumni, Ganesh Sonawane, Laxmikant Banjarey, Kunal Kamble, and Dewaj Baruah, Arcatron will use the funds raised for the production launch of Frido, an innovative Self Driven Shower and Commode Wheelchair, which fits in a suitcase. In addition, funds will also be utilized to set up online and offline sales channels across major cities in India and filing of [...]

Pressure Sores In Wheelchair Users: Their Care And Prevention

Wheelchair users often suffer from the problem of pressure sores. They are caused when the blood supply is cut off from a particular area of the skin. If the skin is under pressure because of continuous sitting on the wheelchair in one specific position, it results in such sores. It might result in severe consequences with respect to hygiene and health. How can a shower and commode wheelchair ease this problem for the mobility impaired? Read on to know. Wheelchair users often go through a difficult time with respect to doing their daily activities independently. Apart from that, what [...]


How an award-winning design for a wheelchair by a homegrown startup, Arcatron Mobility, is helping paraplegics and disabled in India Stroke survivor Arjan Makhijani is partially paralyzed on his right. The 90-something former bank employee suffered a stroke in 2015 and has been using a wheelchair ever since. When we approached him to test ride a first-of-its-kind, indigenously manufactured wheelchair called the Arcatron SAS100, Makhijani sportingly obliged. “I found the SAS100’s seat to be more comfortable compared to my other wheelchair. The ride was smooth,” said Makhijani, at his Kalyaninagar residence. Read More...  

7 Healthy Living Tips for Wheelchair Users

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a wheelchair user is equally important as getting a comfortable wheelchair. Here are 7 tips that can help you live a healthy life. People in wheelchairs often report problems maintaining a healthy weight. They also suffer from mental health issues more than others, but this does not necessarily have to be the situation. It's possible to live a healthy life in a wheelchair if you follow the 7 simple tips. 1. Engage in Cardiovascular Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is necessary to maintain the health of your heart and lungs. The goal should be to [...]

The Missing Link in Wheelchair Accessibility: Roll in Showers & Shower Proof Wheelchairs

Most hotels and public places around the world are not wheelchair friendly for travelling. How can Roll-in Showers & Shower Proof Wheelchairs make a difference? A lot of efforts have been taken to build wheelchair accessible platforms at many private and public places recently. However, the availability of wheelchair accessible hotels and roll in showers is scarce which means that individuals with limited mobility can’t be sure of accessing bathrooms while on the go. It discourages to travel. Narrow bathroom doors, kerbs in a bathroom and less manoeuvrability space make it difficult and unsafe for wheelchair users to transfer. [...]

Wheelchair that lets you take a shower: Mumbai start-ups give tech support to differently-abled

Arcatron, a Pune-based start-up founded by former students of National Institute of Technology Calicut, displayed two innovative wheelchairs designed by their team. The chairs, one of them electric-powered and the other operated manually, can be used in the bathroom and toilet. The product is aimed at making physically-challenged people more self-reliant. Read More...

Mobility Linked Challenges of Caregivers of Elderly and differently abled

The challenges faced by caregivers of mobility impaired have been on the rise for a long time now and are a call for attention. The physical and emotional stresses that caregivers face haven’t acquired much attention as compared to the problems of wheelchair users. But it’s time to work towards solutions that help both the patient and the caregiver. While talking about the people who are mobility impaired, we tend to think about all the challenges they face while doing the most mundane things like using a bathroom or going to any public place. Although these are quite serious, [...]

These 10 startups from Pune are making a difference

Arcatron Mobility designs smart wheelchairs to assist people with limited mobility. It is launching what it claims to be India’s first shower and commode wheelchair designed to ease the process of using the restroom and taking a bath for individuals with limited mobility. In March this year, it raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from angel investors. It also won $100,000 worth of free credits from Google at the Surge conference this year. Read More...

These Indian startups are building products for those with disabilities

Founders: Kunal Kamble, Laxmikant Banjarey, Ganesh Sonawane, and Dewaj Baruah Year & place of founding: June 2015, Pune Funding source and amount: Rs 90 lakh, Anoop Hingorani, and Indian Angel Network What they do: Have developed a wheel chair that allows senior citizens and those with limited mobility to access shower and commode in a secure and convenient manner. It has a tool-free height adjuster and replaceable biodegradable seat that ensures hygiene. It even has an Android app control. Read More...

Disabled get travel wings as start-ups lend a helping hand

Thirty-seven-year-old Rustom Irani's pale legs have turned an angry pinkish-brown. It's as if they are still blushing from his recent trip to Goa when, for the first time in 15 years, the Mumbai-based filmmaker wore swimming trunks to the beach. He had strapped himself to what looked like a yellow beachside chair with wheels that rolled him right out into the Arabian Sea. Read More...

HomeStartups In Conversation With Ganesh Sonawane On Using Technology To Create Independence !

Arcatron is building the next generation of devices to enhance the lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs. The motto “Purpose Driven Innovation” steers Arcatron to apply technology for solving unmet needs in focus segments. The products are designed to enable consumers to lead more independent and active lifestyles. Incepted in 2015, Arcatron specializes in Innovative Devices, Medical Devices, Assistive Devices, and Mobility Devices. Read More...

Technology & Independence

This is a guest post by Neenu Kewlani, Miss Wheelchair India (2013) I got polio when I was 9 months old. Subsequently, I developed scoliosis too. This restricted my mobility totally. I am dependent on others for my day to day needs. Whether it was my education or career I had to take total assistance to go everywhere. During childhood & later in teens it was still manageable for my parents & my live-in carer to support me physically. Now with passing years and age, it is becoming difficult to manage. Within my house, I use a manual shower chair for my [...]

In a funding round led by Vaibhav Kulkarni and Sudhir Mehta from IAN, Arcatron raises $100,000

Arcatron is a startup building mobility devices for individuals with limited mobility and elderly care needs. It designs products to enable consumers for leading more independent and active lifestyles aims to uniquely solve unmet needs for elderly and mobility impaired. The startup was founded in 2012 by Ganesh Sonawane, Laxmikant Banjarey, and Dewaj Baruah. Read More...

India Funding Roundup: A Smart Wheelchair Maker, Proximity Marketing App, and More

Arcatron Mobility Arcatron Mobility, winner of the best startup award at the recently conducted Surge Conference in Bengaluru has reportedly secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding. Founded by NIT Calicut alumni in 2012, the Pune-based startup offers a smartphone-operated wheelchair called the Arcatron SAS100, which can be controlled through an Android app, and enable paraplegics and differently-abled to the user a shower or commode without any assistance. Read More.....