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Arcatron Mobility Pvt Ltd drives with a motive “Purpose Driven Innovation” which is helping people in easing-up their assisted life.
Our company has been very efficient in Imaging its Existence, Efforts, and Achievements.

Exclusive: Smart wheelchair startup Arcatron Mobility gets seed funding

Yet to launch Arcatron Mobility Pvt Ltd, which designs smart wheelchairs, has secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Sudhir Mehta, chairman and managing director of Pune-based Pinnacle Industries, and angel investor Anoop Hingorani. The funds raised will be used for product development, and research and development, Arcatron Mobility co-founder Laxmikant Banjarey told VCCircle. The Pune-based startup also won $100,000 worth of free credits from Google to be used across all Google Cloud Platform products, at the recently concluded Surge conference held in Bangalore. Read More.....

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Arcatron Mobility raises funds from Indian Angel Network

MUMBAI, JULY 12: Arcatron Mobility, which manufactures next-generation devices to make assisted living more dignified and safe, has raised undisclosed funding led by Sudhir Mehta, Harish Mehta and Ketan Dalal from the Indian Angel Network. Founded in 2015 by four NIT Calicut alumni, Ganesh Sonawane, Laxmikant Banjarey, Kunal Kamble, and Dewaj Baruah, Arcatron will use the funds raised for the production launch of Frido, an innovative Self Driven Shower and Commode Wheelchair, which fits in a suitcase. In addition, funds will also be utilized to set up online and offline sales channels across major cities in India and filing of [...]

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How an award-winning design for a wheelchair by a homegrown startup, Arcatron Mobility, is helping paraplegics and disabled in India Stroke survivor Arjan Makhijani is partially paralyzed on his right. The 90-something former bank employee suffered a stroke in 2015 and has been using a wheelchair ever since. When we approached him to test ride a first-of-its-kind, indigenously manufactured wheelchair called the Arcatron SAS100, Makhijani sportingly obliged. “I found the SAS100’s seat to be more comfortable compared to my other wheelchair. The ride was smooth,” said Makhijani, at his Kalyaninagar residence. Read More...  

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Wheelchair that lets you take a shower: Mumbai start-ups give tech support to differently-abled

Arcatron, a Pune-based start-up founded by former students of National Institute of Technology Calicut, displayed two innovative wheelchairs designed by their team. The chairs, one of them electric-powered and the other operated manually, can be used in the bathroom and toilet. The product is aimed at making physically-challenged people more self-reliant. Read More...

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These 10 startups from Pune are making a difference

Arcatron Mobility designs smart wheelchairs to assist people with limited mobility. It is launching what it claims to be India’s first shower and commode wheelchair designed to ease the process of using the restroom and taking a bath for individuals with limited mobility. In March this year, it raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from angel investors. It also won $100,000 worth of free credits from Google at the Surge conference this year. Read More...

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These Indian startups are building products for those with disabilities

Founders: Kunal Kamble, Laxmikant Banjarey, Ganesh Sonawane, and Dewaj Baruah Year & place of founding: June 2015, Pune Funding source and amount: Rs 90 lakh, Anoop Hingorani, and Indian Angel Network What they do: Have developed a wheel chair that allows senior citizens and those with limited mobility to access shower and commode in a secure and convenient manner. It has a tool-free height adjuster and replaceable biodegradable seat that ensures hygiene. It even has an Android app control. Read More...

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Disabled get travel wings as start-ups lend a helping hand

Thirty-seven-year-old Rustom Irani's pale legs have turned an angry pinkish-brown. It's as if they are still blushing from his recent trip to Goa when, for the first time in 15 years, the Mumbai-based filmmaker wore swimming trunks to the beach. He had strapped himself to what looked like a yellow beachside chair with wheels that rolled him right out into the Arabian Sea. Read More...

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HomeStartups In Conversation With Ganesh Sonawane On Using Technology To Create Independence !

Arcatron is building the next generation of devices to enhance the lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs. The motto “Purpose Driven Innovation” steers Arcatron to apply technology for solving unmet needs in focus segments. The products are designed to enable consumers to lead more independent and active lifestyles. Incepted in 2015, Arcatron specializes in Innovative Devices, Medical Devices, Assistive Devices, and Mobility Devices. Read More...

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In a funding round led by Vaibhav Kulkarni and Sudhir Mehta from IAN, Arcatron raises $100,000

Arcatron is a startup building mobility devices for individuals with limited mobility and elderly care needs. It designs products to enable consumers for leading more independent and active lifestyles aims to uniquely solve unmet needs for elderly and mobility impaired. The startup was founded in 2012 by Ganesh Sonawane, Laxmikant Banjarey, and Dewaj Baruah. Read More...

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Autodesk to fuel hardware start-ups

Autodesk has also selected Arcatron Mobility which is building products like shower wheelchair and smart care robot to improve the lives of elderly and mobility impaired individuals. The firm is using Autodesk's software to improve product design by modeling and testing it in a virtual environment. Read More...  

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India Funding Roundup: A Smart Wheelchair Maker, Proximity Marketing App, and More

Arcatron Mobility Arcatron Mobility, winner of the best startup award at the recently conducted Surge Conference in Bengaluru has reportedly secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding. Founded by NIT Calicut alumni in 2012, the Pune-based startup offers a smartphone-operated wheelchair called the Arcatron SAS100, which can be controlled through an Android app, and enable paraplegics and differently-abled to the user a shower or commode without any assistance. Read More.....

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Funding Galore: Startup Fundings Of The Week [22 February – 27 February]

Arcatron Mobility won the title of SURGE’s best startup. The startup was chosen from a list of 40 startups that pitched during the event. The final three startups which pitched were Locus, Arcatron Mobility, and SME Corner. Read More.....

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Pune-based Arcatron Mobility wins big at SURGE 2016

BANGALORE, India -- Arcatron Mobility, a Pune-based start-up that manufactures wheelchairs and related products, won the top prize at SURGE 2016, an event that showcased India's booming entrepreneurial ecosystem in the southern Indian city Wednesday. Arcatron won $100,000 worth of credits from Google to be used across Google Cloud Platform products to improve its products. The company, along with the other two finalists, was also granted access to technical resources, while the runners-up won $20,000 in credits from Google. Read More.....

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Arcatron Mobility Wins The Title Of Best Startup In The Pitch Competition At #SURGECONF

In the second phase of the PITCH competition of SURGE, the Indian edition of Web Summit, Arcatron Mobility won the title of SURGE’s best startup. The startup was chosen from the list of the last three startups shortlisted for the finals from the list of 40 startups that pitched at the event. The final three startups which pitched today were Locus, Arcatron Mobility, and SME Corner. Read More...

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Tapping engineering skills for a better life

A few engineering students in Kozhikode have come together under the banner of the Social Engineering Forum (SEF) to use their skills to fashion devices that can bring cheer to the crippled and the bedridden. The forum has launched programmes aimed at tapping the latent engineering skills of young students outside their college so that they too can make a meaningful contribution to society. The group's first endeavor is a wheelchair with novel features. It is crafted in such a way that it can help a user get on without any help, something that is not possible on most wheelchairs [...]

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