Want to take a shower safely while having limited mobility? A shower wheelchair is what you require to take a shower independently and with safety. But there are 3 important questions that you must ask before buying a shower wheelchair. What are they? Let’s go through some key attributes that make a great shower wheelchair.

People with disability need to face the challenges of immobility also with losing dependence to do things their way. That’s why a disabled person misses their freedom the most. But do you know what a disabled person fears the most? No, it’s neither the prejudice they face in the society nor the constant reminder that they have limited abilities. But it is their fear of visiting bathrooms. Just imagine a person shuddering at the idea of taking a shower or answering nature’s call. Without a shower wheelchair – all because they have limited mobility.

This is where technology and medical sciences have to work hand-in-hand to help solve various aspects of immobility. The answer to this problem lies in a shower wheelchair, also called bath chair, bath bench, shower stools or shower bench. They are designed to provide support to anyone who can’t stand safely alone while taking a shower.

Roll over commode with Frido

Injuries and disabilities can occur anytime, leaving you with limited ability to move either for a brief time or forever, depending on the degree of injury. But not having access to shower due to immobility can be excruciating. You might possibly think that any chair or stool can be used for this purpose. But limited mobility makes the surroundings really hazardous for a wheelchair user, especially if that place is a bathroom.

We guess, by now you might consider buying a shower wheelchair which is not only for your safety and mobility but also for overall convenience and comfort while bathing and using a commode. But what are the things that you must keep in mind while buying a shower chair? Here are top 3 questions which need to be answered before you finalize that shower chair for yourself.

Three Questions To Ask Before Buying a Shower Chair


The foremost thing to consider when buying a shower chair is how robust it is in its construction. You don’t want to buy a wheelchair that is wobbly, unstable or rickety. This problem might get even worse while transferring an individual from the chair to bed and vice-versa.

When you are checking a chair to be robust, consider the weight capacity as well. Shower wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes depending upon the requirements of the customers.


The shower chairs available in the market are available in different construction and sizes. Many shower chairs come with locking casters that ensure safety while transferring in and out of the bath. Others don’t have wheels but only safe-grip leg coverings that prevent the chair from slipping.

Try avoiding dismantled wheelchair because the tools or parts kept separately either damage themselves or other parts of the chair when packed for transit.  A shower wheelchair along with being portable should be compact and not occupy too much of space when not in use.


It is important to consider the material used in the build of a shower wheelchair.  Listed below are few materials that you should look out for: –

  • Aluminium – Even though it is lightweight, the chair made from this material is rustproof which is a big plus point as using a shower involves a lot of moisture and humidity. However, the chairs made from a good quality aluminium alloy are usually very expensive.
  • Stainless Steel – The high corrosion resistance of steel makes it ideal for use in dairy industries, surgical equipment and in wheelchairs. The best part is that chairs made from this material are economical.
  • Coated Mild Steel – This material should be avoided because once the coating begins to wear down it begins to rust. Given the fact that the shower chair will be used in moist conditions, the wearing of this coating usually happens sooner.
  • Plastic – Even though plastic wheelchairs are lightweight, they lack the required strength that is required in a shower wheelchair. Besides, the plastic chairs don’t have as many features as wheelchairs made from other material.

Shower WheelChair – Frido Break Free By Arcatron Mobility

Frido Break Free designed by Arcatron Mobility is a user-inspired design that addresses the fear of disabled and people needing assisted living.  It gives them freedom and the much-needed confidence to do their daily tasks of living with pride and convenience. Frido, which sounds closer to freedom is a first major attempt to make bathroom access much more dignified and safer at all levels for individuals with limited mobility.