Best in Class Blood Glucose Monitor - Healthy Comparison Among Brands

Best Glucometer for home use or Best glucometer machine, there are many terms to reach the right one – There could be better ways to say it, but it is a fact that most of us do not have a healthy lifestyle. And while we say that, it is also equally valid that the fault not necessarily lies with us. There is too much stress, too much sedentary work to do. A lot much pressure, and when we return home, we are too tired.

One could look at the active influencers or models preaching about health. While it makes sense, but where is the time? The more concerned ones amongst us, go for healthy diet plans and force discipline in routine to ensure their health. The less conscious ones amongst us are the ones who frequent the hospitals.

Among all the diseases that inflict humankind due to an unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes is the most common one. It affects 400 million adults every year worldwide and India becoming diabetes capital of the world (TOI). The effects and symptoms range from anything between frequent urination, blurred vision to sudden weight loss & excessive loss of energy. The thing is that we are not able to cure diabetes permanently at this moment, yet it needs to be kept in check for sure. That is what Blood Glucose Monitors do. The best glucometer for home use is a handheld portable device that allows one to check blood glucose readings as and when required.

Glucometer. Still, now, they come with several features such as smartphone connectivity, voice command, higher test memories & longer battery life – all the latest blood sugar testing machine at affordable prices.

This blog is talking about a healthy discussion for some of the best glucometer machines in the market.

OneTouch Select – Blood Glucose Monitor

OneTouch is amongst one of the brands in the market serving for a while & while it might be straightforward in look and usage, it isn’t amongst its advanced ones. The glucometer does not have any buttons and hence requires no setup or coding, which means that the functions also get limited.

It has color sure technology and can give audio results too. The audio-results do not have any direct or immediate utility for the user. It uses Select plus test strips & the results are pretty accurate, keeping up with the ISO 15197:2013 standards.
The blood requirement is just 0.5 microlitre & we can obtain test results in 5 seconds. The strip shelf life is six months from opening and can last up to 1000 tests.

One Touch Select Blood Glucose Monitor

Finally, as it is not having memory storage, so the results aren’t stored for later reference. The device storage of results is a particular issue for the user because this makes it difficult for them to track their progress and variations along with time. After all, it’s essential to know if all the efforts made are in the right direction or not.

OneTouch Ultra – Sugar Testing Machine

As the name suggests, One Touch Ultra is an upgrade over OneTouch Select. While it beats OneTouch Select almost everywhere, it does require double the amount of blood, i.e., one microliter, to get the results.

However, it requires coding before the operation, which makes it tough to use for the beginners and elders. Plus, the way glucometers are supposed to be, why would one end up coding and setting up the device before use. The glucometers are supposed to help with easing out the sugar checking process, not to make it complicated. This glucometer allows for usage on an alternative site as well and can average the data of up to 14 days. It has a memory that can store up to 500 test results, which again is an advantage with this model over its basic Select one.

One Touch Ultra Sugar Testing Machine

The shelf life of the strip is, however, pretty less at about three months from the day of opening. The intent could be an unnecessary expense for the user. While it allows for pre and post-meal flagging and averaging, it doesn’t come with a post-meal alarm.

Accucheck Active – Blood Sugar Testing Machine

AccuCheck Active is one of the oldest & amongst the best glucose meters available, and we can store up to 500 results in it. However, this model requires coding making the entire handling a bit complex. And yet again, this makes the whole process of blood sugar testing machine too complicated for the user. Also, a lot of times, it so happens that the blood sugar testing machine in the moment of urgency. In such a case, ensuring that the right strip is there, the code has been put correctly, or something of the similar nature makes absolutely no sense.

One of the best blood glucose meter but gives results in 10 seconds. One can set pre-meal and post-meal flagging and averaging. However, this glucometer does not come with a post-meal alarm. The results can average over 14 days too.

AccuCheck Active Blood Glucose Monitor

Another limitation of one of the best glucometer machine is that it requires only 1-2 microlitres of sample blood drop for blood sugar tests. Though there is no direct implication of this yet, when other glucometers are doing well at 0.5 microlitres of blood drop sample, 1-2 microlitre of blood drop would be much for a person checking twice a day!

Dr. Morepen BG03 Glucometer

This one is a smart glucose meter that can show the results within 5 seconds using a blood sample size of 5 microlitres. The memory is enough to store up to 300 tests.

They hardly come with any pre and post-meal averaging and alarming features & hence one will have to keep track of when to check blood sugar manually.

The shelf life of test strips used in this blood glucose monitoring system is just 3 months.

These glucometers are manufactured in Morepen Laboratories Limited and are readily available at reasonable prices. Also, as they suggest, the Readings from the Glucose Meter are only to be used for General Information purposes – they are not a substitute for a medical examination from a Registered Medical Practitioner!

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Blood Glucose Monitor

i-Sens Cool Blood Glucose Monitor – Best Sugar Test Machine

i-Sens Cool by Arcatron is probably the best glucose meter available in the market. Launched pretty recently, unlike its other top 5 glucometer counterparts, this one is of Korean make – which means that the make and manufacturing are more durable.

Very simple in the looks and usage, this best in class glucometer comes without any coding requirements. Unlike few best glucometer mentioned above it gives result in just 5 seconds.

This blood sugar testing machine, one of the best glucometer, has 14 days averaging for the results and allows for alternative site usage for measurement i.e. measuring from forearm, palms, thighs. It can store up to 250 tests in its memory and has a feature to export the results to other devices.

This glucometer has pre-post meal flagging and averaging and has a particular post-meal alarm that isn’t available in any of its counterparts.

At Arcatron, while selling the best blood glucose meter from the best company for sugar testing machine, we understand how critical the usage of the right glucometer can be for your daily life. This blog on the top 5 glucometers was created, keeping that in mind so that you can make an informed choice. If there is something you would want to discuss still, remember that we are just a call away.