Best in class shower commode wheelchairs online in india

There are multiple shower and commode wheelchairs in the market to help with not just mobility assistance but also the daily ablutions. A shot at giving dignity to mobility-impaired patients doesn’t take a lot after all.

Even though the market now has some good options to serve the purpose, certain features tend always to mark the difference.

Being informed enough to make an informed choice is thus essential. It is for this purpose that we figured that it would be great if we could do a comparative study of all the available options.

In this blog, we will compare Arcatron Shower Commode Wheelchair SAS100 and Shower commode wheelchair SSS100 series of shower commode wheelchairs with some close competitors and see how well they fare.

This blog is, by no means, aimed at establishing the best of the lot. It is all about putting all the essential features available across the mobility solutions in one place so that our readers can make an informed decision.

Let’s Have a comparative Study of Best in Class Shower and Commode wheelchairs

Carino Height Shower Commode Wheelchair by Arjo

Carino Height Shower Commode Wheelchair by Arjo

Carino Height is a pretty decent shower and commode wheelchair which comes with steel and injection moulded plastic parts to make it sturdy for a shower/toilet use. It has a beneficial seat width of 18.8 inches with an overall width of 24 inch which is comfortable for seating but can be an issue if taken around, especially around the narrow passages which a lot of Indian hospitals and homes have. Other than that, it comes with a full-length back support (not necessarily adjustable, depending on the model). The wheelchair comes with swing-away footrests and plastic footplates — Carino Height shower wheelchair variants in self as well as battery-operated models. Wheelchair keyhole-shaped plastic seat comes with a pan attached to it.

However, for more comfortable seating, an additional seat cushion will have to be purchased. The seating angles and height adjustment could help the caregiver for bathing and commode use, yet one can only use it for indoor environments with electrical plug points.

Drive Medical Aluminum Shower Commode wheelchair

Drive Medical’s shower commode wheelchair comes in a white aluminum frame. It has a cushioned backrest and padded armrest, both of which, however, cannot be adjusted. The seat width is decent at 18 inches, but the weight capacity is 125kg. The firm currently doesn’t offer any additional accessories for its product. It comes with a seat cut-out and adjustable pan for use as a toilet. The height is adjustable for 2 inches and hence can be fit over some toilet types.

The fact that it lacks a detachable armrest makes it tough for the user to shift to and from the bed. It also means that the user’s attendant or caregiver will have to be required all the time whenever the shift is necessary. Also, this shower and commode wheelchair is strictly attendant propelled and can’t convert itself into a self-propelled one.

Drive Medical Aluminum Shower Commode Wheelchair

MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL – Plastic Shower Commode Wheelchair

MJM International 118-3TW-DDA-SF-SQ-PAIL – Plastic Shower Commode Wheelchair

MJM International’s shower and commode wheelchairs are manufacturing from reinforced plastic. Hence, it isn’t as strong as compared to its steel counterparts. The seat width is 18 inches making it suitable for an average user. There is no special effort done towards providing a good backrest or removable armrests. The backrest is fast drying thin mesh clothing support, which we can remove. It comes in attendant propelled modes only. The firm offers other seat variants and selection for mesh clothing for the backrest, which can be purchased as required. The wheelchair has restrictions over height adjustability. The default seating arrangement can be a tad uncomfortable. The wheelchair has 3-inch twin casters reliable for indoor usage only.

Aquatec Ergo Shower Commode wheelchair

This shower commode wheelchair comes with a stainless-steel frame; however, its larger width of 26 inches could be a problem for the usually narrow Indian pathways. The weight capacity, however, is of the 150-180kg range, easily amongst the highest in the market. It has an adjustable and detachable cushion backrest and flip-up armrests and footrests. The adjustable height allows for its usage across toilets. But for its width variants, this product is among the best in the market.

Aquatec Ergo Shower Commode wheelchair

Etac Clean Fixed Height Shower Commode wheelchair

Etac Clean Fixed Height Shower Commode wheelchair

This shower and commode wheelchair comes endowed with a lot of features, but its polypropylene frame is what makes it less durable as compared to its counterparts. The backrest and armrests have kept fixed for obvious reasons, and hence seating might not be as comfortable as one would expect. It comes as self-propelled as well as attendant-propelled models. It has a removable keyhole-shaped cut-out for the seat to use over not just the toilet but also as a bedside commode. The height is adjustable, and hence we can use it over most toilet sizes.

In addition to that, sitting on a plastic seating with no cushioning could be very painful for the user. The fixed back and armrest adds to further limitations. Plus, the plastic frame makes it not suitable for terrains outside the home space.

Arcatron Frido Prime Shower Commode Wheelchair SAS100 & SSS100

Arcatron Prime Shower Commode Wheelchair SAS100

Before we go ahead describing the features, let us specify here that the only difference between SAS 100 and SSS 100 is that while the former is attendant propelled, the latter is self-propelled. Now, both of them are made of waterproof and rustproof stainless steel (SS304) and come with a seat width of 19 inches and a load capacity of 120kg. These shower and commode wheelchairs feature tool-free easy assembly making them comfortably portable.

Arcatron Prime Shower Commode Wheelchair SSS1000

They have swing-away and removable footrests and a swivel up armrests for ease of bed transfers. The accessories include top seat cushion, an expansion/convertible kit to switch from the attendant to self-propelled mode & vice versa.

Due to the keyhole-shaped seats, it becomes easy for the user to reach to their hygiene parts if required. The shower commode wheelchair height can be adjusted up to 7 levels & hence the wheelchair can be used over a variety of commodes.

While we have tried to include as much information as possible, you can always find more details at

We have very objectively put forward the features of all the available wheelchairs for your perusal. While we can vouch for the features mentioned for Frido Prime, it would be slightly tight for us to be as confident about the rest.

All said and done; at Arcatron, we are not in the business of selling wheelchairs alone. We believe in giving dignity. So, if you feel that any of our products can help you or your loved ones with that, remember that we are just a call away.