As Arcatron Mobility we are a medical device startup. We focus on designing and selling innovative products to enhance the lives of people with limited mobility.

Arcatron was founded by four engineers of NIT Calicut in June 2015 with a moto of Purpose Driven Innovation.

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What To Look For When You Buy Wheelchair?

Intent to buy a wheelchair is an important decision because it isn’t something you can purchase and then upgrade on the go! A wheelchair requires careful consideration to ensure that the person who would eventually use it for their routine activities finds it comfortable. The mobility assistance scene in India hasn’t advanced as well & hence even people aren’t well aware of buying the right kind of mobility assistance products. It is with this consideration that we are sharing the major things one should take care of while deciding on purchasing the correct wheelchair. Wheelchair [...]

Best Glucometer Machine – A Healthy Comparison Amongst Brands

Best Glucometer for home use or Best glucometer machine, there are many terms to reach the right one - There could be better ways to say it, but it is a fact that most of us do not have a healthy lifestyle. And while we say that, it is also equally valid that the fault not necessarily lies with us. There is too much stress, too much sedentary work to do. A lot much pressure, and when we return home, we are too tired. One could look at the active influencers or models preaching about health. While it makes [...]

Best Shower Commode Wheelchair – Healthy Comparison Among Brands

There are multiple shower and commode wheelchairs in the market to help with not just mobility assistance but also the daily ablutions. A shot at giving dignity to mobility-impaired patients doesn't take a lot after all. Even though the market now has some good options to serve the purpose, certain features tend always to mark the difference. Being informed enough to make an informed choice is thus essential. It is for this purpose that we figured that it would be great if we could do a comparative study of all the available options. In this blog, [...]

Weight Loss for Seniors – Safe & Healthy Way

Weight loss for seniors comes with many challenges. Carrying excess weight can lead to a higher risk of high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. More weight also reduces your mobility, especially as you age. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to shed pounds safely, even if you’re over 60. (But, following are some crucial factors I want you to consider before icebreaking to weight loss journey) Talk to the doc Don’t shout out on google to get the best doctor for weight loss, just start by talking to your family doctor first. Get your BMI checked and body [...]

Go Solo with Frido(Go) – The Best in Class Shower-Wheelchair

Why try to fit in when you’re born to stand out? Ignite your passion and jumpstart to a happier healthier reincarnation with Frido to break free. As rightly put by Martina Navratilova- Disability is a matter of perception. Disabilities don’t define is our abilities that count”. Re-envision and decline your disablement because Frido Go lets you advocate your own life. Be another Stephan Hawking or a Patrik Anderson and embrace your existence. Paralympics, Snowboarding, Marine Corps or a Traveller, you can outclass it all. Arcatron commits to making assisted-living safer by introducing cutting-edge products so as to reclaim [...]

Commode Wheelchair – Lean on Frido(2000) | Arcatron Mobility

Commode wheelchair will now strengthen the spirit of your dearests with the Frido-2000 because we understand heeding and preserving relationships without obligation is special and dignified. Revise your restraints and shoo away all the bed-ridden mishaps as Frido is the new remedy to caregiving. This nimble, attendant-propelled shower-commode guarantees to upgrade your upkeeping as it undoes all the extra efforts for the menders. Arcatron has actualized for you the all-embracing amenity: Frido-2000 model. Bid farewell to all discomfort associated with maneuvering. This gravitating design not only serves safety, stability, and hygiene but also bestows [...]

Technology & Independence

This is a guest post by Neenu Kewlani, Miss Wheelchair India (2013) I got polio when I was 9 months old. Subsequently, I developed scoliosis too. This restricted my mobility totally. I am dependent on others for my day to day needs. Whether it was my education or career I had to take total assistance to go everywhere. During childhood & later in teens it was still manageable for my parents & my live-in carer to support me physically. Now with passing years and age, it is becoming difficult to manage. Within my house, I use a manual shower chair for my [...]

ARCATRON – A debut on wheels!

History of Arcatron Mobility Four years ago in 2011, four passionate engineers of NITC teamed up to enter an event called “Design for Disabled” at Aavishkar ‘11. They stood first with their design of a mobility device. From thereon, it was a matter of time, before we took this initiative forward, to make technology the best caregiver in the form of Arcatron Mobility Private Limited. The name “Arcatron” alludes to ‘accelerating wheels’ and is a not-so-subtle nod to the Ark of Moses which possessed unlimited power. At Arcatron, we firmly believe that the present [...]

Why is Arcatron Building a Shower Wheelchair?

One of the biggest challenges in the day-to-day life of people who need locomotive assistance revolves around washrooms. The need for good shower wheelchair The problems they face commonly range around:- Physically getting into the bathroom. Risk of injuries due to slipping in the bathroom. Difficulty in getting on or off the toilet seat. Lack of availability of practical support or assistance with hygiene. Lack of availability of appropriate equipment/aids/adaptations, etc. The fundamental objective of the product design is fairly simple, i.e. to enable the user to bathe and use the toilet safely and if possible, independently, without much [...]