Arcatron Mobility

As Arcatron Mobility we are a medical device startup. We focus on designing and selling innovative products to enhance the lives of people with limited mobility.

Arcatron was founded by four engineers of NIT Calicut in June 2015 with a moto of Purpose Driven Innovation.

Assisted Living – How, What, Why, When – Everything About It
Know about the latest techniques, technologies, methods, devices, products etc. in the field of Assisted Living, Caretaking, Homecare, Nursing, Accessibility.

Seven Imperishable Books Witnessing a Disabled Life

Words are powerful. They can form and transform a completely new era. When they are collected over a page and numerous pages share a common base we kinda refer to it as a book. Embracing years of experience, experiments, facts, stories, dreams, and whatnot. As George R.R. Martin said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Books have an immense power to teleport the reader from this real-world to the amazing world of words. We slide with the author’s journey and experience good, bad, magnetic, dramatic, [...]

Disabled and Having a Baby? Tips on Maternity Care for Mothers in Wheelchair

A newborn mother! You may have heard numerous views on how pregnancy is a life-altering moment. It always connects to joy, care, and respect. Nevertheless, it is hard to define the painful moments: mental, physical, and social stress. These problems multiply too many times for the disabled and having baby. While having a physical disability doesn’t affect the chances of becoming pregnant, carrying, or delivering a baby but they have to struggle with their necessary day-to-day activities. Additionally, not everyone has decent knowledge to care for a becoming mother in a wheelchair, and additional measures are [...]

Ease of Walking: Little Walkthrough in World of Walking Sticks

On every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. Here today, we would be revealing the best walking sticks for balance and stability as prominent companions. There are signs that you are searching for a modern alternative to the traditional walking sticks. Undoubtedly, they steer, support, and conduct day to day activities with the utmost care. It’s our responsibility to go through various options and find our perfect fit. Hey, ensure their maintenance procedure while keeping in mind some safety precautions. After all, your mere walk-thru can heavily impact the next moment of [...]

11 Practical Tips to Deal with Winter in Wheelchair

Mobility issues are more prevalent in winters. The unpredictable mental and physical stress can be exhausting and impact your decision while getting winter ready in a wheelchair. There are numerous issues. You cannot control nature. You have to adapt, prepare yourself & your wheelchair for the season. Not only for the outdoors but also indoors. In an attempt to arrive at a practical approach, here are some tips you should consider while using a wheelchair in winter: Lubricate the Bearings You may often encounter this situation when rear wheels [...]

Post Lockdown Shopping List for Essential Covid-19 Products

Essential products list for COVID-19 is getting more heat as we move towards the end of Lockdown 4, we have bogged by several questions. Some of them are about the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare systems. Some of them are about our health, and some are about the justification of reopening ourselves to routine life. While all of us know that someday, we will have to step out and start acting normal by purchasing from COVID 19 essential product list, there is one thing we all are sure of- The Corona threat is not going [...]

Combatting the Negative Thoughts: Guide for People with Disability

It isn’t uncommon to be sad and negative about the prevailing situations. Life is tough for everyone now & then we find ourselves questioning our priorities, the choices we make, what we are- basically everything about ourselves. At such times, we are vulnerable & all we need is some soothing words, maybe a coffee and a good book. The coffee and the good book combo are essentially different for everyone, but everyone has some mojo working for them. So, here is a simple, sweet blog for our awesome wheelchair-bound buddies, here is a simple sweet blog [...]

Hiring People with Disabilities – A Viewpoint Unexplored

Imagine yourself in a situation where your caliber is misjudged, demotivated, sympathized throughout your entire life? Yes, that is how it feels to be like someone having special needs! The one way through which any person, with or without special needs, can feel independent and not a liability is to get employed! Disability and health issues are part of being human: we all need to accommodate differences. With one in six of the population living with a health condition or impairment, employers are missing out on a considerable number of talented people if they don’t recruit [...]

A Wholesome Guide to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

Managing blood sugar levels is very important, not just for people with diabetes but also for those who don't. We mean the likes of you and me, who are always under stress. Moreover, why should one wait for the time where they become increasingly dependent on the glucometer, checking sugar levels now and then and restricting their diet. For your information, the ideal blood sugar level is 70-100mg/dL before eating and less than 140 mg/dL after a meal. Here are eight ways that can help you keep your blood sugar level in check! [...]

Is India Ready to Work Again?

This lockdown has been difficult for everyone, especially right out of the new year resolutions that we took a few months ago. While everything has come to a halt, the industries and companies are concerned about their employees' health. They are utilizing the work from home policy to make sure their employees are safe, and operations are running smoothly. Since COVID-19 is not giving up easily, the question remains- "Is India ready to work again?" or "Is it safe to work again?". And even if it is, what measures should be implemented to make sure that [...]

The Wheelchair Champs

We are in a sensitive stage of the CoronaVirus pandemic. However, amidst all the negativity and gloom, some positive news has sprung up. Close to 200 districts have reported zero corona cases, and Goa recently announced that their positive cases have entirely recovered without any casualty. Good news, right? So, we thought we would jump on the bandwagon too and add some positivity to the lives of our fellow readers! There are many blogs on building hobbies, up-skilling, learning something new, so we thought of sharing something inspiring and informative. A good, relaxing set of words to make [...]

Making Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

Families of wheelchair users face a big problem when it comes to making the home wheelchair friendly. Rightly so, as people who use wheelchairs spend a lot of their time at home hence the need to make things easily accessible becomes the number one priority. Don't worry! We have come up with a list to let you know the changes required. How about a Stairlift? If you are an avid fan of The Office, you might remember an episode where Andy, Jim, and Pam are watching a Jack Black movie, and there [...]

How can the Specially-Abled Tackle COVID-19?

It has been a while since mankind faced a pandemic of such catastrophic effects. What started with a few cases in China has resulted in widespread lockdown across the globe, putting individuals at risk. The part which makes the entire scenario even more critical is the fact that no cure has been discovered. Given the situation at hand, it is imperative that the focus remains on preventing the spread. As the prevention of the spread requires strict disciplinary actions, the situation gets tough for people with limited abilities, worse than what most can imagine. the news [...]

Accessible India Campaign – सुगम्य भारत अभियान – Making India Wheelchair Accessible

What is the Accessible India Campaign? Accessible India campaign or सुगम्य भारत अभियान is a nation-wide campaign which has launched by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to provide universal accessibility to the people with disabilities. One primary aim of the campaign is to ensure an environment such that the specially-abled can participate in all activities in all aspects of living independently. The department aims to do it through making the physical environment, transportation systems & the information and communication systems accessible to all. Since India is [...]

Tips on Interacting with a Wheelchair User

A lot of things many experts convey about how one should interact with people around them because these social interactions and our effectiveness in handling them are what defines our personality. Not sure how many of you must be remembering it. Still, around the early 2000s, the national channel DD-1 of Doordarshan showed an ad about how one should interact with wheelchair users. More generally, any of the differently-abled. If we have to mention it in short, then the announcement clearly stated that these people are just as healthy as all of us and hence do not deserve [...]

How to Use Glucometer? How to Test Sugar at Home?

Before we load the gun and talk about the right ways or methods on how to use Glucometer to check blood sugar, let us set a context for you first. In this blog, we will be talking about the newer versions of Glucometers, which are sophisticated and portable and require no more than a single drop of blood for administering the results. Who Can Use Glucometer? Anyone with a Type1 or Type2 diabetes, latent autoimmune disease or gestational diabetes during pregnancy can use a glucometer to monitor their blood sugar and keep it in [...]

Knowing Best Wheelchair to Suit Your Purpose

Every situation and the individual requirement is unique when it comes to wheelchair requirement and types of wheelchairs. Knowing the best wheelchair to suit your purpose helps you fulfilling the right intent of usage. Hence several wheelchairs have been introduced for varied purposes.  Furthermore, the most common differentiation comes in the form of automatic and manual types of wheelchairs. The automatic ones usually come at a very high price range & hence manual wheelchairs are generally the most bought ones. The next level of differentiation comes in the form of features and functionality. Wheelchairs are categorized as Standard, Bariatric, [...]

Buy Wheelchair – Fact-Check for Choosing Right Wheelchair Material

We get a lot of queries about what would be the ideal wheelchair material to go for while purchasing one for the specific use. While we are always prompt in answering, it is only human that we end up missing out some detail or the other or end up engaging in a long discussion. It is for this reason that we thought that we would write a blog which will explain all of this in detail. While we have tried answering the things in the best-detailed way possible, in case you feel that there is something else you want [...]

What To Look For When You Buy Wheelchair?

Intent to buy a wheelchair is an important decision because it isn’t something you can purchase and then upgrade on the go! A wheelchair requires careful consideration to ensure that the person who would eventually use it for their routine activities finds it comfortable. The mobility assistance scene in India hasn’t advanced as well & hence even people aren’t well aware of buying the right kind of mobility assistance products. It is with this consideration that we are sharing the major things one should take care of while deciding on purchasing the correct wheelchair. Wheelchair [...]

Best Glucometer Machine – A Healthy Comparison Amongst Brands

Best Glucometer for home use or Best glucometer machine, there are many terms to reach the right one - There could be better ways to say it, but it is a fact that most of us do not have a healthy lifestyle. And while we say that, it is also equally valid that the fault not necessarily lies with us. There is too much stress, too much sedentary work to do. A lot much pressure, and when we return home, we are too tired. One could look at the active influencers or models preaching about health. While it makes [...]

Best Shower Commode Wheelchair – Healthy Comparison Among Brands

There are multiple shower and commode wheelchairs in the market to help with not just mobility assistance but also the daily ablutions. A shot at giving dignity to mobility-impaired patients doesn't take a lot after all. Even though the market now has some good options to serve the purpose, certain features tend always to mark the difference. Being informed enough to make an informed choice is thus essential. It is for this purpose that we figured that it would be great if we could do a comparative study of all the available options. In this blog, [...]