Combatting the Negative Thoughts - Guide for People with Disability

It isn’t uncommon to be sad and negative about the prevailing situations. Life is tough for everyone now & then we find ourselves questioning our priorities, the choices we make, what we are- basically everything about ourselves. At such times, we are vulnerable & all we need is some soothing words, maybe a coffee and a good book. The coffee and the good book combo are essentially different for everyone, but everyone has some mojo working for them.

So, here is a simple, sweet blog for our awesome wheelchair-bound buddies, here is a simple sweet blog which aims to help them find their mojo, too. Read on to know more & if you do find one, do write back to us!

So, here we go!!

Sometimes you simply cannot do much, so stop blaming yourself.

Take it by each of the words written above. Your disability isn’t your fault. You were just unlucky at that moment in life, or maybe this was something that had to happen. It is definitely not a result of any of your bad karmas. Also, yes, we agree that life can be harsh for you, but blaming yourself for it or being gloomy about the situation is only going to keep your spirits down and prevent you from doing the great things which you could have otherwise done.

Remember, when it comes to psychology, you are just like any other human being- equally vulnerable, but you come with superior mental strength. Do you then really want to waste away that gift like that?

Is it really stopping you from doing something? Do you still want to do something- do something about it then

Building onto what we said earlier- the rules of life and getting things done in this world is pretty the same for you as well. Of course, the effort required would be great and way more, but then so would be the rewards. A lot of things would be eased out for you in life so that you get a fairground. Take an example of the circular racetrack to make sure that the circumference to be covered is the same for all the runners, the one closest to the center is kept behind while others are given a head start. Consider yourself standing from the center. Hence, the kind of assistance that is people give to you isn’t any special help. It is merely an attempt at being fair and giving you equal opportunities. So, when one such opportunity presents itself, work hard & achieve it. If you genuinely want to, you will!

What about a journal to vent out your negative emotions

Again a pretty generic thing to do but as effective as always. You are bound to have negative emotions every now and then. Every human does & you too will. However, you can always choose to get rid of them. You can talk to people, or maintain a journal and pen down your feelings. You never know when these writings would put you on the path of being the next writing sensation!

It is okay to discuss and tell people that you do not like being treated specially.

Talking and expressing helps because it makes sure that people know how you are feeling. So, if you feel that people around you have been treating you very, especially, which makes you uncomfortable in return, tell them so. Of course, we would expect you to be polite when you do that. A good way would be to talk to them with a calm mind, asking them what you expect that they understand. After all, nothing gives us more happiness than being in a relationship, which is entirely transparent and where people understand each other.

How about turning your supposed disability into humor- make it your strength

Well, humor is a good option, but you can choose anything else as well. For instance, a comic about your daily life or a few good poems, your blogs, anything! The possibilities are immense. You have to figure out what works best for you. Other than this, given how strong you are in dealing with all the stuff in life, you have a huge shot at becoming a motivational speaker. You could simply associate with an NGO and help teach kids too. There are just so many things you can do, which will add value to others’ life and fulfillment to yours!

We will not deny it & we wholeheartedly accept that things are tougher for you. Also, we respect you for handling it so well. The only thing we want to say is, you are awesome! Keep it that way!!