Commode wheelchair will now strengthen the spirit of your dearests with the Frido-2000 because we understand heeding and preserving relationships without obligation is special and dignified. Revise your restraints and shoo away all the bed-ridden mishaps as Frido is the new remedy to caregiving. This nimble, attendant-propelled shower-commode guarantees to upgrade your upkeeping as it undoes all the extra efforts for the menders.

Frido 2000_New Remedy to Caregiving

Arcatron has actualized for you the all-embracing amenity: Frido-2000 model. Bid farewell to all discomfort associated with maneuvering. This gravitating design not only serves safety, stability, and hygiene but also bestows complementary ergonomics and durability. Recede into the ultimate cushy cushion, custom-made casters, and steady well-constructed frame. Here’s how Frido-2000 solves your probable fiascos.

Metamorphose into an Active Lifestyle

Bye-Bye Back Pain:

Frido renders a robust and hefty frame supporting up to 150kgs. It’s frontal and posterior slants alleviate easy reclining and balance proportioning with the body’s center of gravity. It features detachable armrests, foldable foot-lets, cross-braces, and diagonal support intersects making translocating from bed troublefree. This well-crafted model imparts proper balance and possesses articulated hinges along with 5 -inch casters comforting the abdomen and the pelvic region.

This commode wheelchair, ergonomically as well as biomedically engineered design has bigger wheel-area contacting the floor further stabilizing the mass guarding against tumbling. It’s resistant toppling system, 4-level tension adjustable backrest and modular levers and coupling relieve the vertebral and cartilage-pad pain. This offers better lumbar hold. It has in-place locking mechanisms and brakes which aids in rolling freely avoiding skidding on all sorts of surfaces.

Imparts proper balance and articulated hinges
Height & Backrest Adjustable

Clear-Cut and a True-blue Choice:

Arcatron features several plus points. Tool-free assembly, water-proof premium PU cushions, and automotive grade powder coating undoubtedly render Frido-2000 as a consistent mobility choice. It’s superior stainless steel hardware, optimized posture adjusts, height-width adjustment, and ability to accommodate anywhere makes it an evident answer for the paraplegic as well as their attendants. It permits lateral transfers over the commode and onto the bed lessening the back and wrist aches of the caretakers.

Besides easy maneuvering, it has low maintenance costs and thus an increased lifespan. It is simple to clean and provides odor control. It also comes with an additional bedpan facility for emergencies. It’s plain sailing turn-around-at-corners,  push-and-roll policy aids in leading a barrier-free life. This not only raises confidence but makes Frido, your perfect caregiving companion.

Replenish your oomph:

Bid cheerio and ciao to all the concerns and greet your vitality and will power to re-experience dynamism with your accelerando partner. Frido 2000 Commode Wheelchair is the most economical in the market, best-in-class in the country, and a typified model providing all possible embellishments from anti-corrosive and bacterial protection to distinct color schemes. Outdo your own expectations and pilot away with Frido, the ultimate 2000 version because it’s time to care for someone who cared for you all along!

Experience the New You