Why try to fit in when you’re born to stand out? Ignite your passion and jumpstart to a happier healthier reincarnation with Frido to break free. As rightly put by Martina Navratilova- Disability is a matter of perception. Disabilities don’t define you..it is our abilities that count”. Re-envision and decline your disablement because Frido Go lets you advocate your own life. Be another Stephan Hawking or a Patrik Anderson and embrace your existence. Paralympics, Snowboarding, Marine Corps or a Traveller, you can outclass it all. Arcatron commits to making assisted-living safer by introducing cutting-edge products so as to reclaim your freedom. Frido, with its ultra-modern ergonomics and customizable components, aids the less-abled soothe in sustenance

“Frido Enabled me to represent India”

This unique and extremely frugal state-of-the-art wheelchair is known as the special Frido Go-Fold-Pack-Go model. This model not only suffices the rudimentary needs like Safety, Portability, and Sanitation but also provides supplemental embroideries pertaining to easy maneuvering, escaping the fear of pressure sores thereby delivering a more versatile and comfort-granting product.

Why Compromise Calibre for the Ordinary?

Safe, Sturdy and Superior- What makes Frido captivating is its reassuring rigidity, with its mighty stainless-steel body, rust free spare parts and water resistant yet pressure friendly seat cushions. Apart from its height adjusting and width reduction facility, it provides good lumbar support, low center of gravity and powerful weight resisting stability. It can easily sustain around 120kg of weight. Additionally, its equipped with arm brakes to lock in place, overcoming skidding over slippery, wet, dry and all kinds of surfaces which is otherwise risked in available products. It’s apt to fit in toilets with even wall mounted commodes and has removable armrests with easy tilt-in for lateral transfers into a bed. It manifests superior quality reclining back bear, telescoping casters, cozy upholstery, flipping easy-to-clean water-proof cushion, along with seat apertures projected around pelvic tuberosities allowing you to adjust and slide over the commode in a trouble-free manner.

All forms and setting of Frido Go. I design fits all

Adieu, Aches- While it can be taxing for caregivers to lift and carry the manual wheelchairs presently in the market, Frido has an effortless Push-and-Roll feature bidding farewell to back aches. This unique shower-commode wheelable exhibits easy build-and-collapse functionality allowing one to reassemble the single-suitcase packed wheelchair in less than a minute with no tools. This self-propelling wheelchair enables to lead a barrier-free living with big wheels, easy to operate casters and handles along with swivel full armrests and footrests.

Toilsome? No, sir(e) – Frido GO is manufactured with water-proof, corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel AISI304 and hence, is also immune to hard water and bacterial and fungal contamination. Frido makes transfers easy, balancing the rear and forward casters which avoid slippage and limits accessibility restraints and tumble accidents. Comfortable and adjustable footplates, removable and easy to clean commode pans, self-propulsion feature calibrating the momentum helps raising confidence in the users and subsume independence. Retrieve your liberty and travel around to visit your relatives as Frido empowers you with air-travel friendly and wheel-ramp add-ons to locomote in a car anytime anywhere. Buy Now and go beyond the possibilities.

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