Is India Ready to Work Again?

This lockdown has been difficult for everyone, especially right out of the new year resolutions that we took a few months ago. While everything has come to a halt, the industries and companies are concerned about their employees’ health. They are utilizing the work from home policy to make sure their employees are safe, and operations are running smoothly. Since COVID-19 is not giving up easily, the question remains- “Is India ready to work again?” or “Is it safe to work again?”. And even if it is, what measures should be implemented to make sure that your workplace is safe post-lockdown.

While everyone is enjoying this time with their dear ones and have renewed their love for their own and other’s lives, it is vital to know that normal life will take over someday. And when it does, you will have to be careful because COVID-19 is here to stay for a long time. The initial post-lockdown period is crucial, and with the lack of information about the long term effects and spread of the CoronaVirus, it becomes our duty to keep some essential things in our mind when we work again.

Here is our view on this question and some measures that will be necessary to have a safe workplace post-lockdown.

Social Distancing

By the time you go back to work, the situation would be safer, but there will be a need to maintain social distancing at the workplace,

  • Organizations should ensure that every employee sits at a minimum 6-feet distance while working.
  • No more than ten people should assemble in a room at the same time.
Working at Social Distance in Office


The organizations need to double up their hygiene practices and be extra careful with COVID-19 around.

  • Hand sanitizers should be available at every accessible place like lifts, toilets, water dispensers. Thermal screening should be made mandatory.
  • The employees and workers should be given face masks and be mandatory to use.
  • The organizations should also make sure that the workplace is sanitized every day before the shift begins.
Waring Face Mask Sanitizing Hands Office


Breaks are an essential part of the day for every employee. But with the current situation, organizations should do the following-

  • Lunch breaks are given batch-wise to avoid any unnecessary gatherings in a place.
  • There should be an hour-long gap between subsequent shifts.
  • Avoid eating at the workplace on a shared plate. Get a tiffin or your plate.
Having Lunch at Social Distance

Employee Movements

Although the workforce would be at 33%, we cannot forget social distancing, and there should not be any gathering in the workplace.

  • During the day, it is advisable to use the staircase. If the elevator is working, not more than 2- 4 people should use it at a time.
  • Even the transports provided by the company should operate with 30-40% capacity, and the employees should avoid sharing bikes or carpooling.
  • The organization is also responsible for educating the employees about the essential practices for their safety.
Employee Movement Precautions in Office after Covid 19

Business Travels

Meetings and travels are a vital part of most businesses. To make sure everything is running smoothly,

  • All organizations should halt or minimize travels unless important and cannot be done via video conferencing. 
  • The organizations should not allow visitors, and if they do, they should be provided with proper kits and checked while entering the premises.
conference call among employees to avoid travel

These are a few steps on how an organization can sail through this situation, making a safe and better workplace for its employees. As an employee, you must also treat this situation with care and awareness.