Arcatron Shower Commode Wheelchair Family

Every situation and the individual requirement is unique when it comes to wheelchair requirement and types of wheelchairs. Knowing the best wheelchair to suit your purpose helps you fulfilling the right intent of usage. Hence several wheelchairs have been introduced for varied purposes.  Furthermore, the most common differentiation comes in the form of automatic and manual types of wheelchairs. The automatic ones usually come at a very high price range & hence manual wheelchairs are generally the most bought ones.

The next level of differentiation comes in the form of features and functionality. Wheelchairs are categorized as Standard, Bariatric, Shower & Commode wheelchair, active Wheelchair, standing wheelchair, junior wheelchair for kids, recliner wheelchairs, etc.

At Arcatron, we understand how individual requirements can vary. Still, there are some features that we all appreciate in all the possible mobility assistance solutions. It was with this in mind that we created our Frido and Freedom series of wheelchairs. As a result, keeping in mind that you have understood the 3 Things To Consider While Buying A Shower Wheelchair, we do have some transport wheelchair range also. While the product section can give details on types of wheelchairs, here is a brief look into what to expect from which of our manual wheelchairs.

This commode and bath friendly wheelchair from Arcatron has an ergonomic keyhole-shaped design for easy usage in the toilet. Its removable armrest allows for a smooth transfer to and from the bed. Above all, the capacity to carry up to 150 kg weight, Frido 2000 has an automotive-grade powder-coated sturdy mild steel frame to resist scratches and direct rusting. All four wheels of Frido 2000 are medical castor wheels with swivel lock-in feature. Castor wheels have shields to avoid hair and other debris to stuck in, making casters last longer. An added advantage in these types of wheelchairs under economy range. Wheelchair’s backrest has four levels of tension adjustments hence allowing the user to adjust for comfortable sitting posture.

This wheelchair comes with a bedpan and cover, a safety seat belt & a wheelchair top seat cushion (which will have to be purchased separately). Due to the top seat cushion, users are also using Frido 2000 as a regular wheelchair, too, adding itself to standard types of wheelchairs.

Frido 2000 Rollover Commode Wheelchair

Major Features

  • Robust and Stable Frame: The high built quality allows a weight capacity of 150 Kgs
  • The stable design with slants at front and back ensures high stability
  • Automotive-grade powder coating provides high water resistance to the frame
  • All medical grade caster wheels with the Swivel locking system.
  • Removable armrest feature available in this price segment.
  • Waterproof medical-grade soft PU cushions avoiding pressure sores.
  • Tension adjustable backrest for better body posture adjustments.

So, if Rollover commode wheelchair is the only requirement, Arcatron’s Frido 2000 is the best wheelchair to suit your purpose.

Frido Go is a multi-purpose shower commode wheelchair that has specially designed, keeping in mind the limited accessibility of people. People who are more active than others and as a result are usually staying on the go. With waterproof and rustproof stainless steel body, frido go is easy to assemble/dismantle and hence be easily packed up in a bag or taken out for assembly, within a matter of minutes. Our wheelchair has swivel back armrests, which goes entirely out of the way for a better bed to chair transfer.

Also, our reliable braking system ensuring movement safety & multi-level height adjustability according to bed and commode height. The wheelchair conversion kit has tool-free assembly converting it from self-propelled to attendant-propelled and vice versa in minutes, which ensures smooth passage through even narrow openings. In addition to that, our pack-N-go shower commode wheelchair comes with a wraparound or travel bag to bring the wheelchair around the world easily — a unique add-on feature for people looking for regular as well as travel-friendly types of wheelchairs.

Frido Go - Foldable pack-n-go shower commode wheelchair

Major Features

  • Easy Fold and Go: gets packed under 60 seconds
  • Removable/Swivel back armrest & Braking system at the back of the wheelchair for secure bed transfers.
  • Height adjustable, making it usable over multiple toilet types so, nothing to worry about when you travel
  • Intelligently designed stainless steel body for a comfortable shower and commode usage & cleaning
  • Swivel-in push handles for convenience in aligning with the commode hole.
  • Easy width reduction feature owing to the detachable rear wheels
  • Flip seating cushion for better accessibility of hygiene parts
  • Corrosion Proof and Water Proof Body

So, if you are an active junkie never like to never settle in the frame of an average one, Frido Go is the best wheelchair to suit your purpose.

Another innovative design, Frido SAS100 & SSS100, are attendant propelled and self-propelled types of wheelchairs, respectively. Their ergonomic keyhole-shaped seating design and adjustable length allow for them to roll over multiple commode type easily. Similar like frido go, SSS100 & SAS100 has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body that allows for usage in the marine areas too.

Medical-grade PU cushions are easy to disinfect and waterproof and most noteworthy, allowing the user/attendant to maintain excellent hygiene standards when the wheelchair is concerned. Both wheelchairs come with swivel round footrest having metallic flip-up footplates. Also, both wheelchairs have a tool-free assembly and dismantling, making it portable. So now its more comfortable to maintain dignified hygiene wherever you go.

Unlike other shower commode types of wheelchair, Frido SAS100 & SSS100 have their respective expansion and conversion kits; one can purchase them at additional costs. Thus, facilitating wheelchairs to be used as regular transport wheelchairs.

Frido Prime SAS100 and SSS100 Shower Commode Wheelchair

Major Features

  • 7-levels in SAS100 & 5 levels in SSS100 of height adjustability which allows for usage over multiple toilet heights
  • Commode Height Clearance of up to 19.9 inches in SSS100 & up to 21.7 inches in SAS100 shower commode wheelchair
  • Tool-free assembly and hence one can easily convert it from attendant propelled to self-propelled modes
  • Swivel Up Armrests which allow for a smooth transfer to and from the wheelchair
  • Made of SS304 Stainless Steel material, the frame is waterproof, rustproof and can handle up to 120kg of weight
  • Waterproof cushions with ergonomic design for easier hygiene part access and hence better cleaning
  • Heavy-duty Maintenance Free Mag wheels with a 5 stage height adjustment
  • Seat belt for usage safety (esp in the SSS100 model)

So, if you want to enjoy living in a spot and not a big travel fan, Frido Prime SSS100 & SAS100 are the ideal choice and best wheelchair to suit your purpose.

The Freedom series from Arcatron is strictly meant for transportation and isn’t a commode and a bath one. The self-propelled one comes with 24 inch rear wheels while the attendant propelled one comes with 12 inch rear wheels. Besides these two variants, the manual wheelchair has a swing-in swing-out & height adjustable footrest. Freedom 5000 transport wheelchair’s quick x-type folding mechanism adds the advantage for mobility concerns. In addition to that, the wheelchair also has swivel up/removable armrests & a reliable braking mechanism for secure bed transfers. Unique design push handle provides a better grip to the caregiver, while low propulsion efforts make it feel lightweight transport wheelchair. With anti-tippers for a safe journey on slopes, freedom 5000 becomes a premium product for standard or transport types of wheelchairs.

The wheelchair comes with an essentials storage pocket on the backrest, which has a capacity of up to 4 kg.

Freedom 5000 Self Propelled and Attendant Propelled Wheelchair

Major Features

  • Quick and Easy Folding Mechanism
  • 2-Level of Seat Height Adjustment in Self-Propelled version
  • Smooth/Seamless Rolling similar to Active Wheelchairs / Low Propulsion Efforts.
  • Telescopic footrest adjustments.
  • Removable Footrest for Mobility Convenience
  • 2″ Larger Caster wheels in the segment for greater obstacle clearance
  • Full Flip back / Removable armrest.
  • Anti-Tippers for safety on the slope with easy to detach/attach with push-button mechanism for convenience.
  • High-Quality Ergonomic Brakes and adjustable ankle restrains
  • Essentials Storage Pocket on Backrest.
  • Available as self-propelled wheelchair and attendant propelled wheelchair
  • Seating Safety Belt

So, if you are looking wheelchair for in-house transfers or among the departments of the hospital, our non-reclining Freedom 5000 is the best wheelchair to suit your purpose.

As mentioned above, due to the lightweight frame freedom 6000 wheelchairs – generally used as lightweight transport wheelchairs. These wheelchairs don’t design to serve the purpose of shower or commode wheelchairs. While Freedom 5000 has two variants, in contrast to that, Freedom 6000 wheelchair comes in a self-propelled variant only. Our manual wheelchair has a 3-level of reclining for utmost comfort, beneficial & premium feature in transport/standard types of wheelchairs. In addition to that, quick folding mechanism, Swing-in swing-out & removable footrests improve the portability of freedom 6000 wheelchairs. Also, its quick-release axle for rear wheels makes it easy to detach rear wheels and can store in minimal space. The wheelchair has anti-tippers for a safe journey on slopes.

Freedom 6000 Wheelchair is of lightweight yet durable aluminum material for extra sturdiness.

Freedom 5000 Self Propelled and Attendant Propelled Wheelchair

Major Features:

  • 3-level Backrest Reclining for better comfort
  • Made from Lightweight Strong Aluminum Material
  • Low propulsion efforts similar to active wheelchairs
  • Telescopic footrest adjustments.
  • Swing-in Swing-out & Removable Footrest for Mobility Convenience
  • 2″ Larger Caster wheels in the segment for greater obstacle clearance
  • Removable & Full Flip-Back armrest.
  • Anti-Tippers with easy to attach/detach push-button mechanism.
  • It has equipped with high-quality brakes for better stability of the wheelchair.
  • Essentials Storage Pocket on Backrest.
  • Push Handle Crossbar for easy push and extra rigidity on the frame.
  • Seating Safety Belt

So, if you are looking wheelchair for transport only and like have the luxury of more comfort with 3-stage reclining, Freedom 6000 is the best wheelchair to suit your purpose.


Likewise, in one of our blogs mentioned about how the type of wheelchair you should depends a lot on the kind of usage you are expecting. This blog is a small attempt at helping you with that. Hence we have here tried to highlight the most critical features of each of the wheelchairs, which would help you with the decision making. A lot of essential functions are similar amongst all of them & for the reason that has not mentioned repeatedly. You have our assurance that you can take those for granted.

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