Post Lockdown Shopping List for Essential Covid-19 Products

Essential products list for COVID-19 is getting more heat as we move towards the end of Lockdown 4, we have bogged by several questions. Some of them are about the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare systems. Some of them are about our health, and some are about the justification of reopening ourselves to routine life.

While all of us know that someday, we will have to step out and start acting normal by purchasing from COVID 19 essential product list, there is one thing we all are sure of- The Corona threat is not going to subside anytime soon. There are just so many things and so much data which can scare us, but then as our Prime Minister had mentioned in his recent address- “We cannot let our lives revolve around Corona.”

If we have to learn to live with the situation, we will have to put our best efforts into making ourselves and others free from infection. To do that, we will need awareness and know-how of some COVID-19 essentials product list to fight better.

These essential products list for COVID-19 are not only for those, frontline warriors who are fighting at the frontline but also for each and everyone out there. If you own a business, or if you are part of an organization, or if you are an employee or an employer, or if you are a homemaker, knowing about these essential products list for COVID-19 will help you safeguard yourself, your family/friends & co-workers. And also helping you prepare your post lockdown shopping wishlist.

Infrared Thermometer aka Temperature Gun

As you know, high body temperature has been considered as the early stage sign for coronavirus infection. Measurement of body temperature from a distance provides safety from virus contamination via person-to-person contact. Such measurement checks are necessary nowadays at places like offices, airports, train stations, malls, restaurants, assembly plants, hotels, etc.

For the essential products list for COVID 19, we are considering a few affordable, accurate and easy to operate thermometer models. The majority of the Infrared thermometer has been equipped with sound and light warnings. They are more robust than ever before, and the accuracy of individual devices has also increased. Easy operation, powerful integrated processors, continuous measurement capacity, memory to store few results & energy-saving automation, improvement of service life are some salient features of the thermometers we have.

The response time of the thermometer gun is typically about half to one second. The measurement distance varies by the internal optics quality & atmospheric conditions. A handheld thermometer gun only measures the surface temperature of an object or body and not the internal one.

Well, considering the comparison among the few well-known brands, each has its unique field to ace. From the details given by the brands, we can have a healthy comparison of four different areas – Accuracy, Precision, Durability, and Storage.

Thermometer Comparison Arcatron Mobility


The shield is optically clear and protects the face and mask from direct splatter. With a thickness of 400 microns, a height of 30cm, and an eye to eye coverage, we would suggest that people who are in constant contact or at risk of an immediate contact should use these face-shields along with masks. The face shield has made of PETG material. The plastic sheet carries anti-fog and anti-static advantages. Make sure only to place face shield online order that has accredited from a trusted laboratory for their quality check. Face shield are reusable products with just changing the plastic sheet to the newer ones.

For those who are either the first responders or are in the business of housekeeping, salon owners, etc. i.e., anyone who is in and around probable infected cases all the time, getting a face shield online order is better than a mass. The product is also ideal for police personnel who cannot rely on facemasks all the time due to the surroundings they have to spend their time over.

75GSM and 95 GSM PPE Kit

PPE Kits in India – A full body cover suits manufactured with specialized clothing or equipment to be worn by our frontline warriors these days. Being a product from one of the essential products list for COVID 19, Arcatron has also introduced PPE kits with a certified lab-test for synthetic blood penetration. The manufacturing material of the body coverall is of Polypropylene spun-bond non-woven material.

This SITRA certified PPE kit consists of the following:

  • A coverall
  • Shoe Cover
  • Head Cover
  • Face Mask
  • Hand Gloves

According to the requirement of usage, the PPE kits are in 2 different thickness 75 gsm and 95 gsm. And, depending on the usability and protection, the PPE kits are available with a seam on tear feature with an antibacterial tape. So before you wish to buy ppe kit for corona online, do have a conversation with us to find the right suitable one for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Manual Pressure Sprayer

More specific to an office or hospital use, a high-pressure hand pump sprayer is ideal for small area disinfection. While you can use one for your home too, however, there are other options such as a battery sprayer or just a pure surface disinfectant, which will work as well for the amount of area that is. A plus point in the pressure sprayer is not only the surface area but also the various spraying modes it can cover walls, plants, small garden playing fields & such other items seamlessly. As mentioned above, we can use the sprayer not only as a disinfectant sprayer but also to spray pesticides in your garden, misting over the plants, etc.

Our high-pressure hand pump sprayer comes with an adjustable brass nozzle that facilitates one with two spraying modes of strong jet and fine mist. It also has a lockable spray trigger for continuous operation. The frost-proof HDPE material adds an advantage to long-service life, with durability and safety valve added to protection. Here as we demoed you, how a small 1.5-liter handheld manual pressure sprayer works!

These top 10 crucial essential products can help you get into your regular life Post COVID-19 lockdown, add them to your post lockdown shopping list now.

3 Ply Face Mask

During our research phase, we found that many users were not happy with the quality of a standard Surgical Grade 3-Ply Face mask offered. There were concerns about how the consumers were confused between various materials used, or the overall wearability was a concern.

While selling the 3-Ply Face Masks from arcatron, we made sure that the same issues were dealt with properly. Hence, our 3-Ply Face Masks are comfortable, breathable & best of quality in the market.

The multilayered bacteria filtration will ensure that the pathogens are adequately filtered. The triple-layer protection guarantees superior shield from bacteria, dust & debris with 0.1 Micron BFE. The mask is fluid repellent too. Get the 3 ply face mask online now!

Cotton Hosiery Fabric Mask

Many of our users preferred to purchase cotton face masks online with the intent to keep the supply of 3 ply medical masks to frontline warriors. To support this concern, we have also started the range of Cotton Hosiery Fabric Masks made from 100% cotton, 180GSM Fabric.

These masks are washable and hence reusable. They are soft and comfortable to wear and have a highly elastic ear loop. The broader design of these cotton masks gives a full face and nose coverage, while the breathable fabric ensures that there is no heat buildup and hence no unnecessary sweating in the covered regions.

Ergonomically designed to be Stretchable with Breathable Mesh Function, Moisture Wicken & Quick Dry allows the user to have proper circulation in usage. Arcatron cotton hosiery face masks online have designed with one size fits all so.

Nitrile Gloves

The latex-free Surgical Nitrile gloves are completely odor free and powder-free. They can withstand IPA washing and are ideal for the use of doctors or even in daily life for those who are otherwise allergic to latex.

The nitrile gloves manufacturer has made them ultra-soft and best for one-time use. They are biodegradable & hence you can dispose of them with least efforts.

Arcatron Nitrile Gloves’ manufacturer is using co-polymer Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, a combination of Acrylonitrile and Butadiene & Meet NFPA Requirements. With 0.9mm thickness of the material, the gloves are also beaded from the cuff.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Given their high demand in the current prevailing situation, the utmost necessary to ward off any random virus strains, disinfestation has become a must. Be it hospitals, any public places, or even your homes, getting the right disinfectant in your post lockdown shopping wishlist to reduce the dangers posed by COVID has become a necessity.

We at Arcatron have come up with Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant, which is 11-12% NaClO by weight in water. It is a commercial-grade disinfectant liquid useful for house & workplaces. Typical suggestions for usage NaClO are to mix 35 Litre of Water for 5 Liter of NaClO, which makes sufficient enough concentration to clean the area with minimum efforts. Even with the sudden spike in sodium hypochlorite price, arcatron is keeping it to a minimum threshold to ensure supply reaches everywhere.

Typical usage timing for such properly mixed NaClO is,

  • Disinfection by wiping of nonporous surfaces: a contact time of ≥10 min is recommended. 
  • Disinfection by immersion of items: a contact time of 30 min is recommended

Hand Sanitizer

We have to admit that the way a lot of FMCG firms have come up with support, in this case, has been commendable. Against what a lot of people were expecting, the prices of hand sanitizers has significantly shot down so that the general masses could carry one. However, this resulted in people hoarding them & hence the supply became way less than the demand, and people started looking for a budget hand sanitizer brand. For this reason, we have launched our 80% Ethanol-based, FDA approved hand sanitizer complying with the Government policies. The hand sanitizer can effectively kill up to 99.9% of the germs.

To properly sanitize your hands, you need to apply about 3 mL of sanitizer (more than half a Tablespoon). A team of European researchers asked volunteers to rub on their hands 1, 2, or 3 mL of alcohol-based sanitizer that contained a UV tracer. They then shined UV light on their hands, which allowed the researchers to estimate the percent coverage. The team considered 90% hand coverage to be adequate.

2 in 1 Battery Powered Sprayer

While manual pressure sprayers are suitable as a disinfectant sprayer, they can be tough to handle; thus, for easy usage and, more importantly, a faster one, battery sprayers can be a great accessory. The one we are pointing here towards has dual operation mode. It can work as an electric pressure sprayer and could be operated as a manual pressure sprayer too.

A typical 2 in 1 battery powered sprayer can spray on the press of a single button. Such pressure sprayers come with a regular for controlling the pressure, a fitted backrest tank, and a shoulder pad for easy portability. Ideal sprayers for use in residential societies, factory areas & large construction sites. It comes with multiple capacities, including 8 liters, 12 liters, 16 liters, and some higher models. Easy to use, supporting numerous chemicals and disinfectants can recommend the use of a battery-powered sprayer in multiple activities apart from disinfecting a place like farming, janitoring, pest control, forestry, and gardening.

Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser

The final item we recommend for coronavirus shopping list is the latest version of a sanitizer dispenser, a foot-operated sanitizer dispenser, consists of a rigid mild steel tube structure and adjustable for different sizes of bottles. Most importantly, it is foot pedal operated & hence there is no need to touch or lift the container. It is ideal for locations such as Offices, Shopping malls, Factories, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Banks, Residential complexes, Shops and supermarkets, and Simply everywhere, including your homes. The Major advantage of our foot-operated sanitizer dispenser would be the no-touch operation. No bottle touch from multiple people, No dispensing pushes from many hands-on single bottles. No contamination of coronavirus while using the sanitizer itself.

While our blog was mostly targeted at things of general use in the current and also post COVID-19 Scenario, we felt that if some of you want to be extra cautious, we should include this specific mention too. The Post lockdown scenario will see a lot of industries and commercial setups opening up. Now, temperature monitoring (Infrared Thermometer) remains a significant factor in identifying even the most primitive symptoms of COVID-19. Having an infrared thermometer in such a case will come in handy.

I just wanted to let you know that if you are looking at something like this, we have you covered. All you will need will be to look for these COVID Essential Products.

We at Arcatron, while our primary focus remains mobility solutions, thought of doing something extra for the nation. We know how our first responders have been struggling with fundamental healthcare necessities. We also see how the common masses are finding it tough to get their hands on a good mask or disinfectant.

Hence, we started our new vertical focussed at ensuring that this primary healthcare and preventive supplies are never scarce. Given such background in the domain, we have been extremely cautious for the production & made sure that all the relevant policies and guidelines are followed through.