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Heavy Duty Commode Wheelchair

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Redefine Caregiving






Is there a Bed Ridden

Family Member

at Home?

Lifting, Shifting & Carrying

your loved one is a

Challenging Task!

Are you suffering from

your loved one?


from Lifting and Carrying

Slippery Toilet Floors are


A Bathroom Fall might be fatal!

How Frido 2000 solves the Problem?

MAC101 is an ATTENDANT PROPELLED COMMODE WHEELCHAIR designed to ease hygiene routine for ELDERLY & persons with LIMITED MOBILITY. It enables CAREGIVERs to transfer the person to toilets in a SAFE & CONVENIENT manner.

Dont Lift and Carry

Just Push and Roll

Bye Bye Back Pain

Rolls Over the Commode

Its Safe and Dignified

Toilet Visits are Easy Now

Easy Transfer from Bed to Chair

With Removable Armrests

No need to Lift !

Hygiene Matters!

Easy Hygiene Access & Cleaning


Keyhole Style Waterproof Cushion

Robust and Stable Frame

The high built quality allows
a weight capacity of

150 KGs

The stable design with slants at
front and back ensures high stability

Premium Water Resistant
Soft Cushions

Best in class
Comfort and Quality

"Only product at this price which offers

Ergonomically well designed

gives you immense comfort &

Sense of Safety

Premium waterproof soft PU cushions"

Powder Coated Steel

Automotive grade powder coating ensures

High Water resistance of Frame

All Stainless Steel Hardware ensure
durability and trust

All four medical Castor Wheels with Total Lock [swivel lock+Brake]

Ensure Safety and Stability

Take easy turn around the corners

Foldable Footrests for easy manaeuver

Comfort for your feet

The full footrest and the inclined angle gives

maximum comfort and support to the feet

Most Optimum & Comfortable Seating Position

With 4 Levels of Tension Adjustment in the Backrest

Tune to your most ergonomic and favorite seating posture!


Bed Pan with Cover

For Emergency and bedside use

Safety Belt

Ensure Safety while Seated

Top Seat Cover*

With this Soft Waterproof Padded Seat,

you can use Frido 2000 as a Regular Wheelchair

*It is an optional add-on accessory.

Buy Top Seat Cover

Assemble & Disassemble

Very Easily

Without any Tools!

Buy Frido 2000

Tool Free Assembly!

Assemble & Disassemble

Very Easily

Without any Tools!

Tool Free Assembly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it roll over commode of any height & width?2021-04-22T14:49:03+05:30

Frido can rollover any standard commode, the maximum width of the commode should not be more than 15.6 inches and the maximum height should not be more than 17.9 inches.

Can I use Frido as normal Chair?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Frido comes with an extra Top Seat Cushion, which can be placed on the seat cushion for everyday usage.

I’m having Scoliosis, can I adjust the backrest tension according to my posture requirements?2020-02-27T18:47:59+05:30

Frido comes with a fabric backrest with 4 adjustable tension belts which can be adjusted as per your postural requirements.

Does this product passes through narrow bathroom doors?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

You can check your door width and compare it with the technical specifications of the product which you are looking for.

Grid TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION COMPARISON CHART Item 3 Item 4 Know More about the Frido 2000 Let's dive deep into the Technical Specifications And The Comparsion chart with the Other offerings available in the Market