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SAS 100*

SAS 100 denotes Attendant-Propelled Version

Also available in Self Propelled Version

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Frido prime Toolfree

Access the Inaccessible

with up to 7 Levels of

Frido Prime comes with a Height Adjustable Chassis making it
easier for a User to Use various Toilets and Beds having
different Heights

SAS 100 Height can be adjusted up to 7 Levels


Take Shower or

Access Commode

without any Hassle

Tool-Free Operations

with Frido Prime Series

Tool-Free Assembly •
Tool-Free Height Adjustment •
Tool-Free Conversion between Self & Attendant Propelled •

SAS Armrest

Durable. Comfortable.


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The Arcatron Frido Prime SAS100 & SSS100 are two Attendant Propelled
& Self Propelled wheelchairs respectively. Designed for senior citizens
and individuals with limited mobility to access shower or commode in
a secured and convenient manner. Our unique tool-free height
adjustability eases transfers to bed and allows rolling in over different
commode heights. Easy to disinfect, waterproof cushions enable to
maintain hygiene standards. The user-friendly tool-free assembly
allows the chair to fit in your car for travel. SAS100 frame is corrosion
resistant and designed for a comfortable and safe experience.

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Accessories for Frido Prime

Accessories are always helpful in Providing Ease while Grinding through Daily Chores & Enhances Functionality as well.

Prime Top Seat
SAS100/SSS100 Top Seat Cushion
SAS100 Expansion Kit
Prime SAS 100 Expansion Kit
SSS100 Conversion Kit
Prime SSS 100 Conversion Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a flipping seat cushion help?2019-07-24T18:35:44+05:30

The toilet seat cushion can be flipped front to back without any help of a tool. The side access is not affected in this case.

I’m having Scoliosis, can I adjust the backrest tension according to my posture requirements?2020-02-27T18:47:59+05:30

Frido comes with a fabric backrest with 4 adjustable tension belts which can be adjusted as per your postural requirements.

Can I use Frido as a normal chair?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Frido comes with an extra Top Seat Cushion, which can be placed on the seat cushion for everyday usage.

Can I adjust the height of footrest according to my requirements?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Frido footrest comes with three levels of tool free height adjustments.

How easy is it to transfer from bed to chair and vice versa?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Frido has a swivel back armrest which swivels and goes completely off the way. Moreover, the height of the chair is adjustable so you can match the bed height with chair’s height and perform side(slide) transfer easily.

Can it roll over commode of any height and width?2019-07-24T18:35:46+05:30

Frido can roll over any standard commode, the maximum width of the commode should not be more than 16 inches and maximum height should not be more than 19 inches. For any higher commode attendant version can be used, in this case of attendant version, up to 21-inch commode clearance is available.

How easy is it to assemble the chair or vice versa?2019-07-24T18:35:46+05:30

Frido can be assembled very easily without any tool, refer user manual for the instructions.

What are the folded-up dimensions of Frido?2019-07-24T18:35:20+05:30

Frido folds into a compact dimension of 30” x 20” x 9”.

The width of the chair is adjustable?2019-07-24T18:35:21+05:30

Frido comes in two width variants. The narrow version has a 25-inch width and the wider version has 27-inch width.

Can I take shower while sitting on the Frido, is it waterproof and rustproof?2019-07-24T18:35:21+05:30


How is Frido useful for a wheelchair user?2019-07-24T18:35:21+05:30

Frido is a self-propelled multi-purpose shower wheelchair which is meant to be ultimate shower chair. It assembles within 60 seconds, with no tools and fits in a suitcase. Frido is designed for the shower with materials built to last and function like none other. It has a stainless-steel body, swivel full armrests, swivel full footrests, front/side access for hygiene, height adjustable casters, quick release big wheels for manual self-propelling. Frido also features a unique design of a push handle which makes rolling over wall-mounted commodes or commodes with protruding flush tanks easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product passes through narrow Bathroom Doors?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

You can check your door width and compare it with the technical specifications of the product which you are looking for.

Is SAS100 and SSS100 portable?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

It can fit in a car’s boot when dismantled.

Is this product corrosion resistant?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

All the material are corrosion resistant

Does Arcatron products comes with warranty?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Yes, all products come with the warranty. Check warranty terms and conditions on our website

Replacement parts/Spares availability?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

Yes, all spare parts are available. You can buy it through our merchant stores.

How do SAS100/SSS100 Assembles/Dismantles?2019-07-24T18:35:45+05:30

The assembly of SAS is completely tool-free and intuitive. You can also find a detailed step by step guide in our product support page.

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