This is a guest post by Neenu KewlaniMiss Wheelchair India (2013)

I got polio when I was 9 months old. Subsequently, I developed scoliosis too. This restricted my mobility totally. I am dependent on others for my day to day needs. Whether it was my education or career I had to take total assistance to go everywhere. During childhood & later in teens it was still manageable for my parents & my live-in carer to support me physically. Now with passing years and age, it is becoming difficult to manage.

Within my house, I use a manual shower chair for my daily chores. I have been using this for past 25 years. It’s a compact steel chair with small castors & hole on its seat. I can use it over the commode & shower. However, this too makes me dependent on others to wheel me in & out of the bathroom. I am unable to manoeuvre it myself due to small castors.

There are shower chairs with big wheels available in the market but such chairs require wide doors. Our Indian homes have narrow doors & space inside, hence this makes it difficult to use such chairs. Also the big wheels restrict the chair touching the bed totally. This creates a gap. It is dangerous to transfer with such a gap with a possibility of falling in it. Having said this I found myself completely dependent on my carer & parents for my toilet needs.

As mentioned above, till now it was manageable since my parents were younger & energetic. In recent years this is becoming difficult because of their aging. My career is getting old too. When she is on leave it becomes more difficult for my old parents to manage. All this dependency & my aging parents lead me to look for an alternate support to become independent using technology.

Being part of disability sector I know there is huge need for such technology to support our daily mobility. That’s when Arcatron came to my rescue. A battery operated shower chair is answer to all my problems.
Such a chair will not take space, I can operate it on my own without any help. I can use it over the commode & in the shower on my own. The height adjustment of the chair adds to the flexibility of allowing easy transfers on multi level surfaces. With the remotely enabled technique I can call the chair close to me if I am on bed or far. This remote will be usable on my mobile itself.

Having such a chair will enhance my mobility to a great extent & make me independent. This chair will be a great support for my parents & carer. It will be very helpful to many people with limited mobility who need assistance for their day to day needs.

This will set a new trend & revolutionize our mindsets towards those with limited mobility. I am looking forward to having this chair eagerly.

Ms Neenu Kewlani, an activist for a barrier-free environment has won several awards and recognition for her outstanding achievements in the disability sector. She is a member of Nina Foundation, Access For All Social Foundation and Sukirti Foundation.