Intent to buy a wheelchair is an important decision because it isn’t something you can purchase and then upgrade on the go! A wheelchair requires careful consideration to ensure that the person who would eventually use it for their routine activities finds it comfortable.

The mobility assistance scene in India hasn’t advanced as well & hence even people aren’t well aware of buying the right kind of mobility assistance products. It is with this consideration that we are sharing the major things one should take care of while deciding on purchasing the correct wheelchair.

Wheelchair body, size, shape, and build

The physical build of the wheelchair will have to do a lot with its ease of usability. The wheelchairs come in varied models depending upon whether they are for kids, adults, seniors, specially-abled ones, or short time wheelchair ridden. The gender, bodyweight & height are also very crucial parameters to consider. If one is going for an attendant assisted care, then the wheelchair weight might still be ignored. Yet, for a self-propelled model, it would be crucial to consider all of the factors mentioned above to make the user comfortable. Any right service provider will take a note of these things in the specifications so that you are enabled to make the right choice.

Wheelchair body size shape and build

The Underlying Diagnoses & Medical Needs

The medical condition of the user would again be a very pertinent consideration in this purchase. A patient who needs a wheelchair for essential mobility and has a fully functional and reasonable upper body control could mobilize with a manual chair. But for people with minimal body movement control required to have an electric wheelchair for free movement. Again, individuals who are paralyzed or have had amputations would need wheelchairs, which are sturdy enough to avoid any dis-balance risking a fall or tip-over.

The Purpose Behind Buying Wheelchair

This section deals with the consideration of the intent of the wheelchair usage. Would the wheelchair be used only for a routine moving around, or should the wheelchair have functionality for use in the commode or bathroom as well? Would the wheelchair be primarily used for sitting, or is the person going to spend most of their moving time on it? These would be some of the first considerations which should be paid attention to while making the purchase. For instance, if one is using the chair mostly to sit, one can go for a basic chair. Still, if one is going to use it even for the shower or toilet, then wheelchairs such as our Frido Prime should be preferred

Wheelchair Usage Terrain

The type of surface over which the wheelchair will have to be moved also is an important consideration to make. Some users need the wheelchairs only for home while the one likes to explore, takes the chairs outside as well, or if they even shift places. Buying a portable chair will make more sense for the latter. Some wheelchairs come with significant variation in their wheels, shock absorbers, seat cushioning, etc. Depending upon what the requirement is, one can make a choice.

Personal Preferences for Wheelchairs

Finally, just because some person is going to use a wheelchair, doesn’t mean that they will not have their preferences. Hence, always make sure that the end-user likes the look, feel & seating arrangements of their chair. Do make sure that they are happy and fully satisfied with the wheelchair because, end of the day, it would be them who would be using it.

It is a bit tough to understand the full features and functionalities of the wheelchair just during the trial itself. However, one can get in touch with dedicated mobility assistance vendors such as Arcatron and get better sync up on the ideal wheelchair for their designated purpose.

At Arcatron, we understand that mobility assistance is a serious thing and that it could potentially impact the user’s self-confidence and self-worth too. It is for this reason that we see mobility assistance solutions or a wheelchair as not just a wheelchair. We look at it as a pathway to dignity, to self-reliance. Our Frido range of wheelchairs come in manual, assisted as well as self-propelled modes. Depending upon the requirement, one can either go for a basic model or go for a commode and shower compatible one. For more details, you can either call us directly or explore the range in our products section.