Most hotels and public places around the world are not wheelchair friendly for travelling. How can Roll-in Showers & Shower Proof Wheelchairs make a difference?

A lot of efforts have been taken to build wheelchair accessible platforms at many private and public places recently. However, the availability of wheelchair accessible hotels and roll in showers is scarce which means that individuals with limited mobility can’t be sure of accessing bathrooms while on the go. It discourages to travel.

Narrow bathroom doors, kerbs in a bathroom and less manoeuvrability space make it difficult and unsafe for wheelchair users to transfer. There is a need for safety, especially when in new environments. The varying heights of the commode can also prove to be a problem. Sometimes, the grab bars aren’t present in the bathrooms making it difficult for wheelchair users to shift in and out of their wheelchair. Although the infrastructural barriers restrict the travel options for wheelchair users, it doesn’t mean they have to restrict their plans to travel wherever they want.

Roll shower and bathroom use
Roll in showers in the bathroom

The solution for this could be that the hotels can probably keep a shower proof wheelchair and commode wheelchair which fits in their bathrooms. Or, a wise option could be that the users carry their own travel-friendly shower and commode wheelchair with them while travelling. But is such a wheelchair available in the Indian market? If a wheelchair that is travel-friendly, showerproof and has the arrangement of a commode, comes is the market, it would make travel hassle-free and safe for all the wheelchair users.

A Pune based start-up Arcatron Mobility is focused on creating one such wheelchair. These wheelchair manufacturers are a group of young entrepreneurs who are focused on creating innovative solutions for disabled/ mobility impaired. They have come up with two very interesting models of wheelchairs, the SAS100 and SSS100. Both these models are shower proof wheelchairs and quite user-friendly. However, the problems faced by wheelchair users while travelling are yet to be solved. Arcatron Mobility has been working towards developing a new model which is not only shower proof but also portable i.e. it can be packed into a bag within a minute. Having easy and safe access with the help of a wheelchair and roll in showers is the need for wheelchair users while travelling. Thus, this new model of commode wheelchair comes with a commode pan and can be adjusted according to the height of the commode with the help of an attendant. It can easily pass through narrow door frames as well, which is another important factor for users while travelling. The wheelchair is an amalgamation of comfort and efficiency to help the mobility impaired to be able to travel without worry. It is the ideal travel companion and thus, is rightly called, Frido.

Frido has the feature of height adjustability and an armrest that can swivel to the back, which makes shifting in and out of bed easy even if the heights of beds in the hotel rooms vary. It features a unique design of a push handle which makes rolling over wall-mounted commodes or commodes with protruding flush tanks easy. It is built to last with rust proof material and being a self-propelled wheelchair, it gives freedom to the wheelchair users to do all the things on their own without any worry. With a portable wheelchair model like Frido, travel for the mobility impaired will not be a task anymore.

Frido fordable shower commode wheelchair with travel bag