Freedom 5000 Wheelchair2020-02-18T16:13:34+05:30

Slide thumbnailFreedom 5000 lightweight foldable transport wheelchair

•••••••• 8" Large Caster Wheels

Self Propelled

•••••Telescopic Adjustment

Anodized Push Rim••••

Show it Off!

Solid Rubber Tires•••••••

Quick Release Wheels••••••••


Easy to Fold & Transport

24" Rear Wheels••••••••

•••••Plastic Locking Footrest

••••••Flip up/Removable Armrests

Anti - Tippers••••••

Premium Asthetics

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Essential Storage Pocket••••

Slide thumbnailFreedom 5000 attendant propelled lightweight transport wheelchair

•••••••• Anti Tippers

Attendant Propelled

•••••Strong Ergonomic Brakes

Strong Mild Steel Frame••••

Feel Confident!

8" Large Caster Wheels•••••••

Telescopic Adjustment•••


Easy to Fold & Transport

Premium Plastic Locking•••••

•••••Flip up/Removable Armrests

••••••Esentials Storage Pocket

••••••Solid Rubber Tires

Attractive Design

•••••••• 12" Rear Wheels

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What are the folded dimension and wheelchair capacity of Freedom 5000 Wheelchair?2019-11-21T18:34:17+05:30

The folded width of this wheelchair is just 12.4 Inch weighting around 17.7 kg. It has designed to carry attendee weight of 125 Kg.

How easy to carry the Freedom 5000 wheelchair around?2019-11-21T18:45:47+05:30

With the removable footrest, quick “X-type” folding and Quick Release mechanism for rear wheels, freedom 5000 standard version is an easy to go around wheelchair. For Freedom 5000 transit version, you need to take help of toolkit for small rear wheels.

Is freedom design wheelchair freedom 5000 having height adjustment feature?2019-11-21T18:12:44+05:30

Yes, our transport wheelchair is having 2 stage height adjustment.

How Easy the Bed-to-Chair & Chair-to-Bed Transfer is with Freedom 5000 Wheelchair?2019-11-21T18:00:18+05:30

With the Flip up and removable armrest, the crucial path between bed to wheelchair gets clear, plus, our super strong braking system will help you perform side/slide transfer easily.